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ITP - Platelet + Ab goes to spleen - Lysed - Low plt count.After splenectomy - usually plt count improve and Peripheral blood smear show - HJ bodies as a sign of asplenia ( nuclear remnants in RBC usually removed by spleen). If there was an accessory spleen (which was not functional when the main spleen was working) will take over the function gradually - HJ bodies will disappear and Plt starts to lyse - which has happened in this case scenario.

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Q: Split S1 heard over Left sternal border - tricuspid area. First component of S1? A: anything (MC in RBBB) that causes delayed closure of tricuspid valve compared to mitral valve- will cause split S1 with delayed T1 and early M1 heard at Tricuspid area.

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submitted by welpdedelp(101),

It was a type IV HSN reaction, which deals with T cells and that was the only answer that had t cells involved.

yogi  Poison Ivy/ oak /Sumak +  

Why does methylation cause loss of resistance to GATC restriction endonuclease? Does this have to do with methylation of U to T?

methylased  GATC related to methylase --> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dam_methylase +3  
sympathetikey  Dam methylase, alright +2  

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This patient is tripping balls. Better do a drug screen which seems obvious.

sympathetikey  When the answer is so obvious that you pick a stupid answer instead of it. DOH +7  
jooceman739  Funny thing I noticed is "he is alert and cooperative. He appears to be in pain" So he was so high that he was alert and cooperative during the basal ganglia hemorrhage +3  
yotsubato  @sympathetikey That fucking guy who drinks 2 six packs a day with liver failure got me like that. +  
yogi  probably the "drug" have to be a stimulant or a hallucinogen which causes HTN & Tachycardia. +2  
charcot_bouchard  Lol. I got the right answer but took long time +  
goodkarmaonly  The patient's B.P. and pulse are raised + Bilateral dilated pupils = Most likely use of a stimulant Thats how I reasoned it anyways +