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Welcome to wasabilateral’s page.
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 +13  (nbme21#28)
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jotajota94  True! also, glycine is 1/3 of collagen alfa chains, so it makes sense that substitution with alanine (which is much bigger) would lead to disruption in the alpha helix formation. +
jotajota94  True! also, glycine is 1/3 of collagen alfa chains, so it makes sense that substitution with alanine (which is much bigger) would lead to disruption in the alpha helix formation. +
thepacksurvives  Glycine is small and bendy, which allows it to form the fibrils for the triple helix +
brasel  Also in general (FA 2018 pg 50) OI is from problems forming the triple helix which is secondary structure. Fortunately, they gave us something to reason with in the question (Gly->Ala) +1

 +7  (nbme21#39)
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hisT si hawt I uttohhg btu tno rseu fi t’is trer.coc eTerh si a WrdoUl q hrewe ti ssedcbrie iatnn-radiioctsmo fo cisortlo dan eeerihpnn.pi ooisrlCt afcnnsltgyiii anesnech hte efectf of pei scabeue locstori sah a riisemvpse cetfef no nnintmagiai eth radcegnire eescor.tpr

194orbust  per UWorld, "cortisol exerts a permissive effect on many hormones to help improve the response to a variety of stressors. For example, cortisol increases vascular and bronchial smooth muscle reactivity to catecholamines". FA also uses the effect of cortisol on catecholamine responsiveness as the lone example for a permissive drug interaction (FA2018 pg 229). The difference here is that we're talking about exogenous glucocorticoid and adrenergic agonist. I guess it was expected for us to assume that the mechanism is analogous for the analogous drugs +3
maxillarythirdmolar  I'm sure it's related to the activating effect of Cortisol on phenylethanolamine-N-methyltransferase, converting NE to Epi. Sounds like a synergistic thing to me. (FA.83) +3
feeeeeever  My logic is probably flawed, but I also thought that if cortisol has the ability inhibit COX, LOX, and NFKB you can reduce inflammation and bronchoconstrictive mediators. Therefore, the B2 agonists would have a greater effect since things like LTB4 will be reduced. +1
feeeeeever  *LTC4, LTD4, LTE4 for bronchoconstriction, my bad +1

 +15  (nbme21#2)
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privatejoker  So is the heavily implied step-wise formation of Syphilis symptoms as presented in FA complete BS then? Why break it down into stages and have us learn it as such if this is not the case in real practice? +4
lilmonkey  Exactly, Goljan mentioned this in one of his audio lectures. All kinds of lesions in syphilis caused by vasculitis. +3

 +4  (nbme21#3)
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I thkni ethy antw you to hknti outab woh njgtaueoc anecciv si :mead raldecoacpshyi + niterop mtnragfe ot( unedci T pdneeentd mnuime enre)o.pss Onyl fgilnllea si a erinpto or( at tsale dnssuo keli en)o in hte pioton l.sit

vi_capsule  Flagellum is protein. Pilli/Fimbriae - GLycoprotein +2

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