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submitted by lsmarshall(415),
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ubrilasLcm n(2/,sd1t mn;eiad rht/,4d3 nrl)au rae a gopru fo umcssle ahtt flex at hte PCM jnt,io and ndxete PIP nad IPD

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toupvote  This is dumb but I remember FDP is needed for picking while FDS is need for scratching the superficial layer of the skin +12  
whoissaad  @lsmarshall Flexor digitorum superficialis inserts at the middle phalanges to be more specific. +  
aneurysmclip  shittt I remember it like this D for distal P for profundus > Double Penetration. and I know the PIP flexion from the other Flexor digitorum, which is superficialis. Extensors are lumbricals. (Lengthen your fingers with Lumbricals) +7  
hungrybox  'flexor digitorum profundus is profoundly long' is such a good mnemonic, thanks bro +  

submitted by vshummy(161),
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So eth tebs i udlco ndif swa ni tiFsr diA 0291 gp 346 nreud abtiiceD Ktdceossoai.i ehT calhigmreyype nda apikhemeryla cesua na mctoosi usisdier so teh renite dyob tgse ptleeded of fudls.i cenHe wyh tapr of eht neteatrmt for KAD si VI is.dlfu uoY tighm enve elry on thta iecep fo rfitnoniaom onela ot sarenw ihst qs,uteoin htat DAK is ttaered hwti VI .liudfs

fulminant_life  I just dont understand how that is the cause of his altered state of consciousness. Why wouldnt altered affinity of oxygen from HbA1c be correct? A1C has a higher affinity for oxygen so wouldnt that be a better reason for him being unconscious? +6  
toupvote  HbA1c is more of a chronic process. It is a snapshot of three months. Also, people can have elevated A1c without much impact on their mental status. Other organs are affected sooner and to a greater degree than the brain. DKA is an acute issue. +6  
snafull  Can somebody please explain why 'Inability of neurons to perform glycolysis' is wrong? +3  
johnson  Probably because they're sustained on ketones. +3  
doodimoodi  @snafull glucose is very high in the blood, why would neurons not be able to use it? +2  
soph  @snafull maybe u are confusing bc DK tissues are unable to use the high glucose as it is unable to enter cells but I dont think thats the case in the neurons? +1  
drmomo states its primarily due to acidosis along wth hyperosmolarity. so most relevant answer here would be dehydration +1  
drmohandes  I thought the high amount of glucose in the blood (osmotic pressure), sucks out the water from the cells. But you also pee out all that glucose and water goes with it. That's why you have to drink and pee a lot.. +7  
titanesxvi  Neurons are not dependent on insulin, so they are not affected by utilization of glucose (only GLUT4 receptors in the muscle and adipose tissue are insulin dependent) +25  
drpatinoire  @titanesxvi You really enlightened me! +  
mutteringly  I don't make the connection of what titanesxvi said to the question - can someone explain? +  
motherhen  @mutteringly it explains why the answer choice "inability of neurons to perform glycolysis" is wrong +1