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Welcome to thisshouldbefree’s page.
Contributor score: 33

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 +1  (nbme24#5)

TXA2 doesnt seem to mediate induction of GP2b/3a. fa19/pg403 - ADP binding to P2Y12R induces Gp2b/3a expression at surface. ADP is released from plts. One must think about the down stream functions. If TXA2 helps aggregation via decreasing blood flow. if we therefore dont decrease blood flow we cant get the plts to later adhere properly.

 +0  (nbme24#50)

metaplasia - (as i learned its definition to be) - defined as replacement of one mature/normal epithelium with another mature/epithelium that is better well suited to handle stress.

thisshouldbefree  also dont forget metaplasia and even dysplasia are still reversible +

 +0  (nbme24#18)

most important thing in the stem is the fact that they are tanking an anti TNF-a drug = Tb

 +0  (nbme24#24)

I translated choice B to "the parents are arguing about their child and therefore by saying this i am adding fuel to the fire" I chose A because i figured thing are getting heated and therefore doc should try to calm things down before proceeding

 +3  (nbme24#21)

I get these VERY often. I seem to get them only after eating something that can damage the mucosa in my mouth such as hard chips (Tostitos, very jagged very pain). These are NOT cold sores (HSV). This is simply a aphthous ulcer; they can be stress induced (studying for hard test). they are very painful and do reoccur. there are no associated sx with them.

j44n  they're also caused by stress. I got 3 in my mouth the day after Prometric canceled my test for the 3rd time! +8

 +2  (nbme18#29)

cavernous sinus = CN 3,4, V1, V2, 6 CN 3,4, V1, V2 - go from top to bottom then CN 6 is in the middle of the diagram we are usually shown

 +1  (nbme18#35)

between macrophages and neutrophils; neutrohpils are more acute. here is long standing :)

azibird  Is there anything else to it? I was thinking neutrophils because they could be filled with diplococci in gonorrhea. +4
nbmeanswersownersucks  I think if they wanted neutrophils they would've had to mention something about maybe pus or white discharge but since this is chronic and scarred, its unlikely neutrophils would be present i.e. no longer an active infection +3
cbreland  Can't believe this was that simple... +4

 +3  (nbme18#28)

2 pack cig for 50 years = 100 pack years HTN edema LE = LHF hepatomegally = RHF now for the important finding; "murmur that increases on inspiration" -> this is indicative of right sided murmers.

cor pulmonale = my definition is HF as a result of a lung disease

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submitted by beeip(124),
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uoY anc see het ndeafeometorin utetcrrsu in htsi radam.ig

lsmarshall  Rectal prolapse through posterior vagina ("rectocele"). +8  
famylife  "When a rectocele becomes large, stool can become trapped within it, making it difficult to have a bowel movement or creating a sensation of incomplete evacuation. Symptoms are usually due to stool trapping, difficulty passing stool, and protrusion of the back of the vagina through the vaginal opening. During bowel movements, women with large, symptomatic rectoceles may describe the need to put their fingers into their vagina and push back toward the rectum to allow the stool to pass (“splinting”). Rectoceles are more common in women who have delivered children vaginally." +16  
usmleuser007  really like the pubic hair.... +4  
nnp  why not spasm of external anal sphincter? +  
vulcania  After looking it up I think that external anal sphincter spasm would be more associated with rectal pain and maybe fecal incontinence. I chose the same answer because I figured if there was a problem with the rectovaginal septum it would have been noted on physical exam... +1  
ajss  I did the same, put sphincter spasm because I thought a rectocele would be found on a physical exam. +  
thisshouldbefree  this is the map ive been looking for +1  
mnunez187  I didn't choose spasm because the stem says there the rectal tone is normal +1  

metaplasia - (as i learned its definition to be) - defined as replacement of one mature/normal epithelium with another mature/epithelium that is better well suited to handle stress.

thisshouldbefree  also dont forget metaplasia and even dysplasia are still reversible +  

submitted by neonem(568),
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Tsih neaptit itsn' otihgv,netalipyn eh'trey i,nEHRiPYagtvtlen ehenc het CP2O l&;t 40 mm g.H

s'Lte wkal ti dkaabwsr:c Tyeh aer eghtiinapvrlenty ot oeensapmct fro the bctloeaim siacsdio descau yb wsedriadpe pyixh.oa eyltgeaivHrpnnti awlsol oyu to bolw fof rmeo O.C2

Wyh era yteh ?ihpxocy The npsoer is hyxiocp due ot tnmifnalimao adn eucat oysietraprr ditresss dynrsoem from the pmaoi.nnue lAl het ycktnioes from eth yrfmtminaaol lscle ceasu enacrsdie npmuoalry riylclaap aeaglek, cwhih lbscok up eth arvlolae abnmreme os atht O2 t'can get utrhhog ot the bdo.ol

yhW od ehty evha mcoitaebl acsoisid ni eth sftir pel?ac oN yeognx -g&t-; no enotlcer rtoaspnrt chian dna on TCA ;-tg&- tcicla aidios.cs

diabetes  no pneumonia it is UTI +3  
makinallkindzofgainz  The infection from the UTI spread to her lungs +  
makinallkindzofgainz  this is essentially urosepsis, one of the leading causes of sepsis +1  
cmun777  UTI -> Sepsis -> ARDS (exudative pathophysiology d/t increased pulmonary vasc permeability) +17  
peqmd  urosepsis +  
snripper  lmao I read it as upper respiratory tract infections, too. +3  
thisshouldbefree  she has an increased A-a gradient. +  

submitted by charlie(10),
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I kinth ehsert' a ypto on htat t.niesouq HMS2 geen ttnuoaim si eth lpuicrt fro P.NCCH For SH2M ee,gn dgcicnora ot thwa I utsj rechdesa, secasu Mtannliag Hiearmyrtphe Sibsitipyl.teuc

noplanb  Yeah I think it should be MSH +1  
suckitnbme  Good to know I wasn't tripping out when I did this question +2  
thisshouldbefree  $60 +10  

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owH do yuo wkon eh hsa an erairncadtce ulaignin hernia dna otn cafel ntc?ipoiam

sattanki  So as far as I understand, you don’t really get a bulging, defined abdominal mass with fecal impaction. Much more likely to see this with a hernia. +8  
xxabi  Fecal impaction can be palpated in the abdomen, since it'd be accumulating in the rectum and colon, not the groin. Hope that helps! +14  
pseudorosette  a little late but they also mention that the mass had bowel sounds hence it was an incarcerated bowel! :) +6  
waterloo  question said right groin, so idk, didn't think fecal impaction would be that low. + the bowel sounds made me think there is something at the groin that can make bowel sounds? --> Hernia. +1  
thisshouldbefree  think in 3D. mass in right groin. in my head thats very low down below the belt line. i thought if its fecal impaction it would be on the left groin. next they hear bowel sounds over this mass in the right; if it was impaction right there i dont think youll be hearing anything, therefore the bowel loop is over there and is not impacted and thats what they hear. +1  

submitted by susyars(32),

From a girls perspective, is really hard to understand this penis/erection physiology questions

john055  hahaha. thats hilarious lol +  
thisshouldbefree  from a males perspective it is really hard to understand the mensural cycle +8  
j44n  I'm a man.... and i still miss every boner question +1  

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oldCu eoomsne axilenp wyh hsti ihecco si teh btse nrwa?es I sdtgeurgl ewtnbee A nad ,D nda epckid A ,inlylfa ihhcw si ai"ensartc oinadtacleu evell nda rvpoeid atsio.ib"upcln

donttrustmyanswers  It isn't A, because research shows that understanding of information (i.e. eating good and exercising) isn't enough to cause change. Why it is Provide F/U, over support group, IDK. +6  
thisshouldbefree  because it says "refer" and u never refer +2  

Where do you get off selling peoples comments I understand you built the platform but charging $5 a month for something that was built by users that thought it was free for everyone. You should be ashamed of yourself.

blueberriesyum  People are going to move to a different platform now that this isn't free anymore. +1  
azibird  Oh shit, is that what's happening? Someone explain. I was wondering why there are so many questions missing, is that related? +  
thisshouldbefree  @azibird i dont think the missing questions is related to that as i dont think ppl would delete them +1  
drdoom  @thisshouldbefree after you pass a certain score threshold, you can add missing questions via a form on the main exam pages +  
pelparente  Yah it sucks that they are charging now, but I'm assuming they have to pay hosting fees for the website. It is basically going to cost you at most 10 bucks for your dedicated period, which isn't terrible, and good on them if they make a bit of money for having this idea. That's capitalism. I would love for it to be free, but please don't delete your comments if you posted something... I still need to study and these answers don't seem to be aggregated anywhere else. @not_greedy_like_you make another website that is free then get this content on there and create competition so they have to go back to free in order to have anyone on here if you feel so strongly. +