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Welcome to therealloureed’s page.
Contributor score: 7

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submitted by sympathetikey(980),
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hexamnteoDeso erseusppss CTAH = aiirtPtuy osAantmonedhDmoeeae x ifasl ot rspuepss ACTH = copEtci THCA ex( - llamS lelC unLg a)ncCre

sympathetikey  *ACTH +  
meningitis  If im not mistaken, Dexamethosone also fails to suppress ACTH = Adrenal Gland Adenoma +1  
therealloureed  I think an adrenal gland tumor would have low/undetectable ACTH? aka no dex suppression +7  
bigjimbo  Low ACTH = adrenal adenoma High ACTH, suppressible = Pituatary adenoma High ACTH, non-suppressible = SCLC +11