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Guessed on this one but if you look into pg 354-355 FA 19, you'l notice the structure of the IVC compared to the liver 1:IVC is retroperitoneal 2: if transected, (similar to an abdominal aorta) blood accumulates behind the peritoneum and causes severe hypovolemia 3: all other answers are either too far, or within the peritoneum

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Don't look too hard into it. the stem says "RECENTLY MARKETED" the SWIM mnemonic:

M: Marketed drugs - phase 4

classic mistake I made by not reading properly/ overthinking

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Chronic renal failure = High potassium in blood (page 590 FA19) Furosamide is the strongest diuretic on that list that also depletes Potassium

claptain  HCTZ and acetazolamide would also deplete potassium, they are just not as strong of diuretics. To be potassium-sparing, it has to have effect at the collecting ducts. Any diuretic that works before the collecting ducts will increase the concentration of sodium going to the collecting ducts and stimulate sodium/potassium exchange at the collecting ducts, potentially leading to decreases in potassium

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This is a question about patient privacy. The patient here is the child. The proxy for the patient is the mother and father. They must know whats wrong. Sister and mother are just lookyloos, and parents may not want to tell them (stupid I know, but whatever) so you send them out and then tell the parents the situation.

dr.xx  agreed +  
thepromise  so you're not gonna conceal the abnormality and act like its their fault? since they touched it last +6  
tinydoc  How on earth would they expect the parents to conceal a malformed upper extremity from the grandmother and the aunt of the child in a family that is close enough to allow these people to be in the room during the delivery. As always the ethics questions seem to make sense in retrospect, but always seem to have a ludicrous action on your part that you wouldnt do in practice. +4  

Mast cell degranulation can be triggered by foreign antigens and trauma

thepromise  I believe what you're speaking about occurs more during hypersensitivity reaction. In this case, there is damage to the endothelial cells, which they also release histamine for vasodilation. which creates permeability for the neutrophills and erythema from the increased blood volume. +11