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i think this is vitamin B12 deficiency as it causes demyelination of spinocerebellar tract (ataxic gait),corticospinal tract(weakness),DC/ML(loss of vibration and propreoception)

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im a little confused isnt blocking ampulla of vater(hepatopancreatic ampula) would cause obstruction of both pancreatic duct and common bile duct and in this case the patient would have cholangits too, not only pancreatitis!!!

divya  true but none of the other options cause pancreatic duct dilation. options a, b and c would cause obstruction above the level of pancreas.
lilmonkey  It doesn't say ONLY pancreatitis, but just enough information to choose the correct answer. Maybe, in the test writers mind if they mention cholangitis and jaundice that would be too much hints :).

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i chose endometrium(simple columnar epithelium) as i thought by her age she is still menstruating and the Shedded endometrium is found in the cervical region, why not!!!!

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disease prevalence is 1/10000 which means q square=1/10000 thus q=1/100 and since they are asking about carrier frequency which is 2pq, p is always assumed 1 this will lead to 211/100=1/50

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submitted by sympathetikey(313),

Biggest clue was that there was no time frame given. Therefore, this seems to be a "slice in time" study, which lines up with cross sectional study.

tamey  and also among the other answer choices cross sectional study is the only one thats used for population study +