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submitted by breis(13),

Psittacosis (sometimes called ornithosis or parrot disease or parrot fever) is an infection of the lung (pneumonia) caused by the bacterium Chlamydophila (Chlamydia) psittaci.

Signs and symptoms: fever. cough, usually without much phlegm. headache. rash. muscle aches. chest pain. shortness of breath. sore throat.

charcot_bouchard  Update on my prev comment : Yes this is psittacosis. not hypersensitivity pneumonitis. How do u know? Lymphocyte and Presence of Granuloma - response to intracellular chlamydia. Now HS can also cause loose granuloma too and the clinical picture still more look like HS You know what ......... fuck this ques +  
shemle  Here Pt. doesn't have fever! +