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PATHOMA page 196 DUE A OSTEOID DEPOSITION … RICKETS is due low vit D .. RACHITIC ROSARY due to osteoid deposition at the COSTOCHONDRIALJUCTION.

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FA 2018 page 409. Associated with inflammation (RA, SLE, CKD).

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PAGE 492 FA 2018 DAMAGE IN DORSAL COLUMN (funtion are: pressure, vibration, fine touch, proprioception) SYNAPSE 1 : N. graciLe ( Lower body, Legs) AND N. cUneatus (Upper body, arms)

nor16  Cuneatus = Cervical, write into columns CG ( fron left to right) Cuneatus, Gracilis (CG)

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"People with pseudocholinesterase deficiency may not be able to move or breathe on their own for a few hours after [fast-acting drugs, such as succinylcholine and mivacurium] are administered.

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RPR = screening test for syphilis. This is a stocking-glove pattern rash, characteristic of secondary syphilis. Drug of choice for syphilis at any stage is intramuscular Penicillin.

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