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Welcome to presidentdrmonstermd’s page.
Contributor score: 8

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 +5  (nbme22#27)
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 +0  (nbme22#45)
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hello  Patient has normal Na. +
hello  Lab data indicates serum bicab not ABG bicarb. +
hello  oops! just realized bicarb is never given as an ABG haha +

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submitted by bobson150(12),
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hello  Yes, it was. I think in both vignettes, the picture was basically irrelevant. Or another possible clue -- but definitely not needed to answer the Q. +14  
presidentdrmonstermd  My school uses old "retired" NBME questions for exams and I've also seen this exact same picture multiple times...w/ different scenarios I think. I tried remembering what the questions were but I guess it's mostly irrelevant. +3  
hyperfukus  SAME +  
hyperfukus  I also put wilm's tumor bc it felt really familiar wtf +