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Welcome to ngman’s page.
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submitted by medstruggle(12),
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tea-cats-biscuits  You just have to know that POMC is a pro-protein that must be cleaved; not sure if there’s anything in the stem that would really have given it away. +2  
mcl  Dunno if this helps, but it says "this protein" (singular) is the precursor of two different protein products. This must mean that the modification occurs after the protein is made, which means after transcription and splicing has already happened. +31  
ngman  Also I believe mRNA refers to after the splicing already occurs. If the protein products are from the same mRNA then it can't be alternate splicing. +1  
medschul  They're cleaved by tissue-specific proteases +1  
duat98  I think: Alternative splicing occurs with hnRNA not mRNA. You get mRNA from alternatively splicing the hnRNA. an mRNA can only make 1 type of protein. Since the question says the 2 proteins comes from the same mRNA it cannot be alternative splice or post transcriptional mod. FA 2018 page 43 has a good illustration. +6  
tadki38097  Just general testing taking strategy i guess, but for this question i was torn between post-transcriptional and post-translational, but then i saw that alternative splicing was also a choice...because alternative splicing IS a post-transcriptional modification you know it has to be post-translational because you can't select two answer choices. +1  

submitted by sympathetikey(1253),
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sympathetikey  Source: +2  
ngman  I think another factor is that in case series studies there is no control group vs case-control, cohort...ect +18  
leaf_house  "There is often confusion in designating studies as 'cohort studies' when only one group of subjects is examined. Yet, unless a second comparative group serving as a control is present, these studies are defined as case-series." +  
fataldose  explanation of one of the wrong options - correlational study A correlational study is a type of research design where a researcher seeks to understand what kind of relationships naturally occurring variables have with one another. In simple terms, correlational research seeks to figure out if two or more variables are related and, if so, in what way. (source - ) +  
j44n  you dont need a control group in a cross sectional one so how do you differentiate that +