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submitted by sajaqua1(346),

Serum sickness is a Type 3 hypersensitivity reaction, in which the body responds to antigenic medical substances and produces antibodies. These antibodies in circulation then bind to the antigenic drugs and set off the complement cascade. Rheumatoid arthritis is also a Type 3 hypersensitivity reaction.

A) Apoptosis of macrophages- apoptosis is generally not a type of hypersensitivity reaction. B) Mast cel degranulation- this is part of a Type 1 hypersensitivity reaction/anaphylaxis, in which mast cells bind IgE on their surface, and IgE binding to the target antigen induces a conformational change in the IgE that sets off mast cell degranulation. C) Natural Killer Cell killing- plays a variety of roles, including cancer suppression and destruction of virally infected cells. If they play a role in hypersensitivity, it is part of Type 2 HSR in which they would respond to Ig on the cell surface. E) Wheel and flare reactions- This is also a Type 1 HSR.

meningitis  I didn't pick this one because I thought Serum sickness was too systemic and RA was a more localized Type 3. Again, im overthinking things. +  
youssefa  Goljan: RA is a mixed type III and type IV immune reaction +3  
dinagohe23  I though NK cell killing was similar to T cell so and RA is also Type IV +1  
nephcard  ,blll sdouof +1  

submitted by dr.xx(92),

right. he absolutely must remain in the waiting area so that he is at hand to attack his wife whenever her exam ends. go NBME!

meningitis  I guess it was all about not offering battering information in order to not make matters worse since he will figure out that the wife told on him.. Also, its a HUGE STRETCH but the only reason I thought he should stay in the waiting room was just in case the wife died they could detain him and call the police for questioning. +7  
temmy  Also, he should stay there because his wife did not grant him the permission to see him. Patients requests trumps. +  
nephcard  Doctor should not believe what wife told her. There may be some other reason for injury so batttering information should not be provided. But her wish of not letting her husband in should be fulfilled +1  
charcot_bouchard  No. In real life patient lies. In Board ques they always tell the truth. Unless they make it very obvious. in fact its a board ques rule. So u believe her untill proven otherwise. +2  
drdoom  The prevailing rule of American medicine and law is individual autonomy. No other person is granted “default access” or privilege to another person’s body—that includes the physician! The physician must receive consent from a (conscious) “person” before they become “a patient”. In the same way, the person (the patient) must give consent before anyone else is permitted to be involved in her care, spouses included! +