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 +17  (nbme18#32)
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azibird  Why can't this be a point mutation? +4
freenbme23  I don't think that this implies that it can't be point mutation, but rather plasmid loss is more likely. Also, the point mutation Would have to ultimately lead to the plasmid loss. +

 +4  (nbme18#37)
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 +13  (nbme18#32)
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 +4  (nbme18#38)
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neuQotis asw ykcirt -- ende ot kloo eta TLEAOF esell.v thBo B12 nfcecdeyii nad atoelf nifceicdey lliw auecs an enairsec in inh.msecytooe lyOn 1B2 efcideincy ilwl euasc na rsaecnei ni TBHO mtnicaylmhloe cdai NDA y.ceihmtesnoo

cheesetouch  B12 deficiency 'BOTH be high' (and neuro sx) +

 +8  (nbme18#31)
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aIlnhde haetsctiens ahtt evha wlo gaslb:ood iortptnai dioeceitbclofo/nf tlyuibilso dioslesv in dolob oerm ily.sea e,Toerehrf terhe is SSEL asg ndedee ot terstaua dlboo -- aka ertsfa usattroian of .loobd ihTs adsel to tarfes stniutraao fo

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pelparente  great answer; just to add to it. Lipid solubility determines potency, not onset/offset (that is determined by blood solubility as stated above). The more lipid soluble the more potent the drug. The more lipid soluble the drug the higher the oil:gas partition (directly proportional to potency) and the lower the MAC (inversely proportional to potency). Source: Boards and Beyond General Anesthesia Neurology +2
cbreland  I really went down a rabbit hole on this one... Convinced myself that it had something to do with mask v. IV anesthesia even though I haven't seen/heard that anywhere. Taking step in a week๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ +
jer040512  I thought a low blood:gas partition coefficient meant that it has a low solubility and therefore DOESN'T dissolve in the blood that easily. +2
dhpainte22  Think onset/offset is about blood solubility and potency of drug higher with higher lipid solubility so low blood gas coefficient has faster onset and recovery. +
jurrutia  Just to drill point home further: consider halothane, high lipid solubility (so high potency) and high blood solubility (slow onset). If you want fast onset, low solubility is the key. +

 +2  (nbme18#13)
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mIneum rhoaopbnmoectyit FA( ,7201 gp 405) - ecasus tnterocidus of iyptatatell-ndboe lmceoxp yb enespl ilandeg ot eedarsce ni ttlpeeal YIQTUANT and cdaernies maeogysrtcakey on bone orramw oyi.sbp

ellie0124  anti-GpIIb/IIIa antibodies +
baja_blast  FA 2019 p. 419 +
jurrutia  May be secondary to viral illness... +

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