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Welcome to infundibidum6’s page.
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yotsubato  Bleomycin is the big boy of cancer treatment. I've never heard of chlorambucil and its not in FA. +1
vulcania  I had never heard of chlorambucil either and after researching it found out that it's also an alkylating agent, specifically a nitrogen mustard - same as busulfan, so you weren't wrong! Based on what FA says re: bleomycin & busulfan (extrapolating this to chlorambucil), they both cause pulmonary fibrosis & skin hyperpigmentation, however, in the Lange Pharmacology flashcards it says that the hyperpigmentation with busulfan is from adrenal insufficiency so I guess you would expect to see symptoms of that as well if the same applies to chlorambucil? +1
vulcania  jk ignore my previous comment. just checked uptodate and it doesn't list hyperpigmentation as a side effect of chlorambucil. +

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