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don't be a dick? not really sure what more there is to it. The patient doesn't have any other family so this woman should be considered family

aesalmon  Questions like this usually hinge on asking if you're going to follow the rules or not though, obviously the one asking her to lie and say she was her sister is wrong, but the correct answer is obviously breaking the hospice center's "policy" - presumably if the physician is sending her to hospice then they don't work there so why would the Dr. be able to just tell her its fine?
hungrybox  Yeah, I got this one wrong with the same logic as you, aesalmon.
emmy2k21  I genuinely interpreted this question as though the two women were in a relationship because of the quotes "my close friend". I figured significant others would be allowed to visit simply. Ha seems like I'm the only one who read too far in between the lines!
dr_jan_itor  @emmy2k21 I also thought the quotes implied a lesbian relationship and that the patient was afraid to share this (they grew up at a time when it was heavily stigmatized). So i was thinking, of course you and your "special friend" can stay together. I know this is not just a phase
et-tu-bromocriptine  Anything particularly wrong with A (Don't worry. I'll call you right away...")? It seemed like the most professional yet considerate answer choice. Are we supposed to imply that they're partners based on those quotation marks around "close friend"? Because otherwise it seems like too casual and less professional than A, almost as if it's breaking policy.
lilmonkey  I can swear that I saw this exact same question in UWORLD before. The only reason I got it right this time.

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with PCT you are supposed to avoid excessive sunlight and UV exposure. Methoxsalen makes your skin more susceptible to UV light.

notadoctor  Wouldn't UV light also be contraindicated in Vitiligo?
sweetmed  Phototherapy with photochemotherapy (PUVA) is a well-known and well-studied modality for the treatment of psoriasis, which involves systemic or topical administration of chemicals known as psoralens and administration of ultraviolet light in increasing dosages after requisite time gap. PUVA is also used in the treatment of widespread vitiligo with moderately good results, though it is being surpassed by ultraviolet B (UVB), which is equally or slightly more efficacious with fewer side effects.
dashou19  Honestly, I didn't even know what Methoxsalen is, just chose the right answer because I know you can not give UV light to people with PCT...

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euthyroid sick syndrome is sometimes called "low T3 syndrome." Also you know that the patient is euthyroid because her T4 and TSH are within the reference range. She is sick.

yotsubato  This is not in FA btw.
niboonsh  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK482219/ probably caused by her recurrent pneumonia
eacv  I though in this one as a sick sinus syndrome hahaha in UW.

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