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Why is it that the answer isn't also glossopharyngeal since you test CN IX by saying "Ah" also? Please help! Thanks!!

sinforslide  I believe that the arrow pointed to the uvula; uvular deviation would be testing for CN X palsy. CN IX's only motor innervation is the stylopharyngeus. (Not testing for gag reflex!)

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The right and left ventricle are drained by separate parts of the foramen of monro. (Left side is drained by left monro, right side by right monro). An obstruction of the right foramen of monro will enlarge the right ventricle.

hmorela  My mnemonic for CSF flow: "Little Infants Crying For Food. Sorry, All Done." Lateral ventricle - intraventricular foramen of monro - cerebral aqueduct - forth ventricle - foramen of lusaka/magendie - subarachnoid space - arachnoid granulations - dural venous sinuses +8  
charcot_bouchard  u missed 3rd ventricle, how about " Little Igor the 3rd, Crying for..." +2