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Welcome to goaiable’s page.
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meningitis  I chose Testosterone but I almost chose GnRH because it is surged when starting puberty and therefore increases everything downstream. +10  
temmy  When answering the question, i thought to myself that if GnRH is correct, LH will be too cos GnRH stimulates the Leydig cells via LH to release testosterone. That left testosterone as the best answer because it had the most direct effect. +10  
goaiable  GnRH and LH are increased in a pulsatile fashion at the onset of puberty, so idk if that constitutes as the "rapid increase" that this question is asking for. Tripped me up also. +  
tallerthanmymom  I originally eliminated testosterone and chose androstanediol because women can have Acne Vulgaris too, and Testosterone should not be rising to the same degree. Do I not understand how puberty works? +1  
drzed  Women can still make testosterone though; and androstAnediOL is not the same as androstEnediONE +3  

submitted by rob121(2),
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goaiable  Don't forget Michael Scott for histrionic lol +1  

submitted by neonem(550),
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dbg  I seriously could not figure out whether those white opacities were actual lesions or reflections from the actual picture (flash light) ... mind went all the way maybe this is the shiny pleura so they're going after mesothelioma. smh +6  
dbg  shiny pleura with tiiiiny granulations if you look closely. but obviously was far off +  
et-tu-bromocriptine  "Multiple cannonball lesions" is indicative of a metastatic cancer. I think if they were leaning towards a mesothelioma, they'd show the border/edge of the lung ensheathed by a malignant neoplasm (see image): +3  
bullshitusmle  guys something I learned from NBMEs is that if there is a clinical vignette dont even look at the images they give you ,they are all useless and time-consuming +1  
goaiable  The way i narrowed it down was that the patient had signs of weight loss since three months whereas her cough developed recently (3 weeks). If the cancer arose in the lung then I think the cough or other pulmonary symptoms should emerge earlier. +1  
almondbreeze  FA2019 pg 669 in the lung, metastasis (usually multiple lesions) are more common the primary neoplasms. most often from breast, colon, prostate, and bladder ca. +