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Muscle protein breaks down into the amino acid alanine which enters Cahill Cycle to form glucose ...

volcanobuns  @frimmy_11 Why would protein break down after only 20 hours? Shouldn’t fat be the major contributor now? Also, if protein is being used, then why isn’t valine the choice? Valine is also glucogenic.

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Mottling and softening of anterior wall on autopsy suggests it was not older than 24 hrs. Death from fatal arrhythmia like V-fib most commonly occurs within one day of the MI. That said, once scar has formed in myocardial tissue it, too, can cause arrhythmia.

bighead478  in FA it shows softening of the myocardium to happen at 3-14 days. Do you think this was overly misleading people (like me) into choosing myocardial rupture? I understand the histo features are consistent with < 24 hours, but the stem should also match this in every detail

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