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Exclude the intake year. Add all the positive results (400+250+300+300+250 = 1500). Divide 1500 by the total number of patients from the start of the incidence period, year 1, so 6000 ---> 1500/6000=0.25, this is the average across all 5 years. For annual, divide 0.25 by the number of years, 5 --> 0.25/5 = 0.05 --> 5%.

That's how I got it.

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Question asked for gram positive cocci in CHAINS. S. aureus forms clusters, eliminating it. This leaves Enterococcus faecalis and Group A strep. E. faecalis is associated with UTIs.

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PDA flows from the Aorta ==> Pulmonary arteries, by passing the RV so there is no change in O2 in the RV.

felxordigitorum  The "steal" from the aorta during diastole requires increased cardiac output to compensate. Extremely premature infants have limited ability to increase stroke volume and thus use increased heart rate to increase cardiac output. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK430758/ +