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Welcome to felxordigitorum’s page.
Contributor score: 9

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 +0  (nbme24#15)
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Educlex het ekaitn .eayr dAd lla hte ipestivo rletuss 45000+300(+0520++230 = 0)1.05 dviieD 0150 yb teh otlta erbumn of inteptas ormf eht tstra fo teh ieidnncec d,opier ryea 1, os 0006 g;&---t 2/0,50000561.=0 iths si het eevraag socars lal 5 a.esyr Fro anua,nl divdei 5.20 by teh brnume fo seyar, 5 -&;g-t 505/2. = 50.0 -;t&-g .5%

sh'Tta owh I tog .ti

 +7  (nbme21#48)
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tosQieun asked for armg etivsopi cicoc in CHNSAI. S. eurasu fmros etrusslc, iinntamielg .ti hTis eselva nocEstoerccu ecsfaail dna puroG A E. lsafeica is aesoidacst htiw .IUsT

almondbreeze  get the clinicals but got thrown off by 'chain'. FA2019 pg.137 also says coccus = berry, strepto =twisted (chain), differentiating the two:( +2

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APD solfw mrof teh Aaotr ;=&tg= rynaPmluo siat,reer by sainpsg teh RV os teerh is no canheg ni 2O ni hte .RV

felxordigitorum  The "steal" from the aorta during diastole requires increased cardiac output to compensate. Extremely premature infants have limited ability to increase stroke volume and thus use increased heart rate to increase cardiac output. +2