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Even though TSH producing adenomas mat also produce compression fractures they are far less common than ACTH producing tumors

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According to the AHA every patient with TG above 500 should receive fibrates, even though statins can decrease TG levels.

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This varies among states but in most of the states a 1-2 year free seizure period is required for epileptic patients to get their license

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Acetaminophen is mainly glucuronidated and minimally metabolized to NAPQI by CYP 450 enzymes

Chronic alcohol consumption induces CYP 450, so more acetaminophen is metabolized to NAPQI

detayo  Would this qualify as chronic alcohol though?
detayo  Would this qualify as chronic alcohol though?

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Indwelling IV catheters is a common cause of disseminated candidiasis and it is due to adherence of the yeast to the catheters.

Remember that disseminated infection may also result in patients with neutropenia

CMI dysfunction (AIDS, SCID) predisposes to mucocutaneous NOT disseminated infections

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Suspect unbalanced translocation when there are multiple birth losses and some births result in trisomies.

Remember it causes 4 % of Down syndrome

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I do understand that the principal nucleus of the trigeminal nerve is located at the pons. But since this patient is having trigeminal neuralgia wouldn't you be disrupting the pathway involved in pain and temperature, which in this case would be the spinal nucleus (located in the medulla)?

Besides, I found this at an article

A recent hypothesis attributes the pain of trigeminal neuralgia to a central mechanism involving the pars oralis of the spinal trigeminal nucleus.[5]


pg32  I literally had medulla selected the whole time and then changed it to pons simply because i felt the test writers were just seeing if we knew where the trigeminal nerve was located. bummer because I think your logic is way better. it's what i first thought when i read the case.

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submitted by strugglebus(84),

Nowhere have I been able to find why the hell this is a thing.

yotsubato  Its not in FA, Sketchy, or Pathoma, or U world. I knew it wasnt cancer because its bilateral. And Diabetes made no sense to me. So I just threw down Drug effect and walked away. +3  
breis  same^^^ +  
feliperamirez  The only possible explanation I think is that she was under a K sparing diuretic, such as spironolactone (which would lead to gynecomastia). +  
chandlerbas  you had me at its not in sketchy ;) +