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 -2  (nbme21#40)
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I ophe mi rihgt, fi mi nto lapsee enixpla me hw.y (: !!

drdoom  Accuracy means the data points are dispersed, but when you take the mean of those points, that mean (“sample mean”) is nearby the population mean (“true mean”). Data points are “more precise” if the dispersion across data points is smaller than some other set of data points (notice how this is a comparison and not an “absolute” statement); precision says nothing about how close the average of the data points are to the “true mean.” +
drdoom  Keep in mind that “accuracy” and “precision” are relative descriptors; you can’t say “so-and-so is precise”; no, you can only say “such-and-such is more precise than so-and-so” or “so-and-so is more accurate than such-and-such.” So, in this case, we can infer that NBME considers “men at the urologist” to have BUNs that are closer to each other (more clustered; more precise; less dispersed) than the BUNs of “men at mall.” Here’s a nice image: +

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