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Welcome to drw’s page.
Contributor score: 3

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 +2  (nbme20#27)
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cicnrAgdo ot DTU, it si said that fro teh oyugn ni,tetpa CI,EA ,ABR krc-abbeelot rea of tetrbe aeiccffy for rmiypar itopnhynrese as a hpor,eotnaym herwv,eo CBC adn zhdteiia are ebettr rfo eht lreldey nda eth clkba tptaesin.

dulxy071  A stronger factor though is diet and other habits. no matter who it is, if you eat more high sodium food you're going to need a treatment which targets ridding the body of sodium more than anything else and so on so forth. This is something that the world medicine needs to understand better +3
neovanilla  Maybe, but this is NBME, and while diet can play a role in different pharmacological responses, what they might be emphasizing here is that no one drug affects all people the same way. There's an incredible bias in medicine towards white males because older drug clinical studies only recruited these patients. It was only once the drug was in the market that doctors and patients realized that certain drugs didn't work as well for them. That's just a fact, and is what NBME is testing us on +7

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submitted by hayayah(1081),
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drw  could you also help to understand: 1) could anti-heparin-PF4 complex be also called anti-PLT antibody? 2) PLT reduction is due to both PLT thrombosis consumption and elimination in the spleen, then why hypersplenism is not correct? +  
charcot_bouchard  hypersplenism means bigger spleen eating everything. thats not the case here. here spleen is normal. autoimmune cause +  
benitezmena  Yes I dont understand why the called them Anti-platyelet antibodies and not specifically Anti-heparin bound to PF4 on platelets. Its just not the right antibody +2  
benitezmena  Antiplatelet antibodies would be for ITP, but also anti-megakaryocyte antibodies would also be for ITP. +1  
misterdoctor69  As an aside, pregnancy is a hypercoagulable state which caused her DVT in the first place +1  
cport12  If anyone else was freaking out about the word hemodilution basically it just means that there is a decreased concentration of cells and solids in the blood resulting from some other gain of fluid. With normal pregnancy (not HIT), blood volume increases, which results in a hemodilution. +1  

submitted by amarousis(23),
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so owh lwuod teh rphag olko ofr troiepn x erepxesss lla of the peptsoie pdersexes by ipetorn y, ubt noerpti y edos nto rpsseex lal of teh popestie ersxeespd yb tornipe ?x

drw  then some anti-X cannot relocate to Y even Y is added at whatever high dose. at this condition, the line can never touch the axis-Y. on the contrary, if Y express all epitopes on the X, but X does not express all epitopes on the Y, that means some Y epitopes are not seen on X. at this condition, I don't know what will be the line looked like. +1  
medbound57  I think that the line's downward slope would be steeper, since Y has more sites that the antibody would bind to. +