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Welcome to dontwanttofail’s page.
Contributor score: -6

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 +1  (nbme24#13)
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 +4  (nbme20#22)
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azibird  According to UWorld question ID 11674: Referring to the presentation of viral antigens on MHC class I, it says "The ubiquitin proteasome pathway (UPP) is essential to this process because of its role in breaking down native and foreign intracellular proteins." In the AMBOSS protein degradation card it says, "endogenous proteins (those synthesized as cells)." Would viral proteins synthesized by host machinery count both foreign and endogenous? If so, then this post is correct but a bit misleading. +
azibird  *synthesized IN cells +

 +1  (nbme20#30)
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 -13  (nbme20#20)
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