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Welcome to darthskywalker306’s page.
Contributor score: 3

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 +0  (nbme23#15)
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I leveieb cesni othb tnaitss dan ihyotyohdrsimp acn aecus y;pohtamy so stuh hyaypmto lilw eb hte easrwn.

 +2  (nbme22#1)
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I tnihk s'ti orem fo a erlnega yetp sonqeiu.t Wnhe a grouens tirs to ileds sih ahdn ibdnhe eth ;ilrev it gvies atotrcin ot eth verli dan hsut cna rtectsh het hpatiec ensiv nda sthu exsesc oitncrat nca veen sevaul hte taichep inesv rofm U.CV ahTt keasm

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hTe smot oatnmrpti htins ot hte inosutqe are sa lsf,owol wiht 2# ngbei hte stmo ec:scpifi

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)2 aPin si worts iwht lrneinat attiroon of eth dreshuol - htis si ctonnisets wiht het gsdnnifi fo the pyectmna- et,ts chwhi icasdetni a upitsnasprasu yinurj.

mousie  I was thinking along the lines of overhead motion - damage to the subacromial bursa which is between the acromion and the supraspinatus ... also its the most commonly injured rotator cuff m. so could have guessed this one right +1  
sympathetikey  Thanks for the explanation. I was scratching my head as to why this is correct, since supraspinatus only does 15 degrees of abduction, but you make a lot of sense. +1  
charcot_bouchard  IDK WTF i picked Trapezius +34  
ls3076  why would injury to supraspinatus cause weakness with internal rotation though? +6  
targetusmle  yeah coz of that i picked subscapularis +2  
maddy1994  ya the whole question pointed to supraspinatus ...but last line internal rotation made me pick subscapularis +3  
darthskywalker306  I went for Trapezius. That shoulder flexion thing was a big distraction. Silly me. +1  
lowyield  saw someone post this on one of the other questions about shoulder... and it works pretty good for this there's some videos in it, this specific one for the question is the neer test +  
psay1  FA2019 pg. 438 +1