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Membranous Glomerulonephritis is Nephrotic; ONLY PROTEINURIA is in the vignette

It can't be MPGN because MPGN is Nephritic with possible Nephrotic

Other choices are eliminated by Renal Biopsy

hungrybox  agreed "granular deposits" rules out MCD (the only other nephrotic syndrome) because MCD is IF (-) +2  
cooldudeboy1  could someone explain why the other choices are ruled out by biopsy? +  

This one is fairly logical if you remember that bacteria LOVE our iron. So much so, that our body came up with a way around it. When an infection is detected by the body, it makes like a doomsday prepper and batons down the hatches.

"All the iron into the bones, quick (^ferritin)! Hide it from the intruders! Get those iron delivery trucks (ferritin) off the road (blood)!

with decreased ferritin comes a decrease capacity for binding iron in the blood

cooldudeboy1  i like the way to remember acd but there is no bacterial etiology in Rheumatoid arthritis is there? +  
the_enigma28  The body recognises chronic inflammatory states as infections +  

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What about pulmonary vascular resistance? It follows the systemic vascular resistance?

cooldudeboy1  crackles are heard bilaterally so there is pulm patho which leads to increased pulm vascular resistance, since systemic blood flows into the lungs. any block in the flow ahead (lungs) will increase resistance in flow behind ( systemic ) +