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Familial dysplastic nevus syndrome is inherited AD and characterized by tons of dysplastic nevi with transformation to malignant melanoma.

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B12 comes from protein and is a necessary cofactor for methionine synthase. Low B12 = low methionine.

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Chronic Mesenteric Ischemia aka intestinal angina. Main clues are postprangial epigastric pain, weight loss. Usually due to Celiac (a), SMA, or IMA atherosclerosis.

neonem  What's tough about these answer choices though is that you have 2 different viable combos. +  
codyluvr95  The ectatic aorta might also mean AAA below the renals, affecting the IMA, +2  
sherry  Also since there is this ectatic aorta, the arteries involved need to be adjacent to one another. If there is a choice as in celiac and SMA, it could also be correct. +