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Welcome to chefcurry’s page.
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submitted by hayayah(1056),
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eTh eadmga si ni eth L drbiamni ni het aear fanceigtf eth coinlspotraci Buseace ti is ni teh diab,nmri dcisotneasu in eht midsypar edl(luma) os it will hwos saletlpiari olnusitacfdyn morto sgins.

thoPo fo mrdanbii dan aintomrtp :saera LmtyrsHlaRutohr./

masonkingcobra  Just for clarification, on the left side, you see where he had the infarction 7 years ago and the tissue is gone. +6  
chefcurry  so is the dysfunction on the contralateral side? +  
praderwilli  If the decussation is in the pyramids of the medulla, shouldn't it be contralateral hemiparesis if the damage is on the right? It confuses me because of the labeling right and left at the top of the pictures. +  
endochondral1  that link isnt working @ there any good picture to look at to know where the tracts are on this section? +  

submitted by xxabi(251),
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I was druen hte insirmsepo tath ihts asw na iortac ,stdsconeii ued ot e"rvees shtce an"pi as well as eht flsae eulnm in eht oa.atr And HTN si hte 1# rksi tarocf fro rtiaoc ndcsioes.ti ooSmeen orrtecc me if m'i grwo,n ubt I thnki hsti is citroa codsseitni rrehta ntah tocrai seyan.umr

chefcurry  I believe so, FA 2018 pg 299 +3  
ergogenic22  It is dissection "extra lumen in the media of the proximal aorta" = "a longitudinal intimal (tunica intima) tear with dissection of blood through the media of the aortic wall" ... answer is still hypertension +2  
breis  FA 2019: 301 +  
pg32  First Aid says that aortic dissection causes widening of the mediastinum and is due to an intimal tear, so I thought it wasn't an aortic dissection. Can anyone help me understand why First Aid was wrong in this case? Thanks! +3  
nephroguy  @pg32 The question stems states that there is no widening of the Aorta, not the mediastinum. Widening of the mediastinum is seen in dissection while widening of the aorta is seen in aneurysm. Also the intimal tear creates a false lumen between the intima and media. Hope that helps! +9  
j44n pictures worth a 1,000 character limit +