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Welcome to calleocho305’s page.
Contributor score: 5

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submitted by hayayah(1074),
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lovebug  Could you explain WHY NOT (B) Gastric volvulus?? bc I think it can share some clinical symptoms. +  
calleocho305  This is what I put, wouldn't hps occur earlier than 4 weeks? +  
ssc30  Gastric volvulus is very uncommon in general and almost never happens in infants. +1  
ssc30  Gastric Volvulus would also present with severe abdominal distention and pain due to incarceration. +  

submitted by welpdedelp(225),
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eTh pt adh mtaahs ,OSB( kawes up ta gtihn tou fo aebt,rh sha alseegr)i.l tI sdake rof eht uesrrrocp fo kuteeoisne,lr iwchh is caciidnraoh acid. heT pbor gvae ihm loaeMtktnus or henadli csiucliocrtgo.od

ls3076  wtf is up with the phrasing of this question +35  
djtallahassee  Must have been Montelukast right? Since GCs do more of a downregulation thing than a true receptor blocking. Maybe I am not reading that last sentence correct though. +1  
alexxxx30  @Is3076 haha agreed!! +1  
calleocho305  Thought this patient had GERD Induced asthma so I said histamine... Fixing GERD will normally fix the asthma and a h2 blocker would do that.. +5