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Welcome to aliyah’s page.
Contributor score: 26

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 +9  (nbme19#17)
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cbreland  Same for the macrophages and dendritic cells that would be infected. Intracellular pathogen that would need to have CD8 T cell mediated death +

 +14  (nbme19#35)
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i_hate_it_here  Gotta love that I can't even review the free contribution you put up. Thanks nbme answers guy +

 +3  (nbme19#5)
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heT gtrhi e'yes enfterfe eevsnr era iw,ngork as elft yee mnisauotilt esacsu a ecghan ni eht htrgi h ghrit eye ipcto .n gmeada assecu is't etnerfaf .n to be .dadmeag It 'ncat acryr iofn ot nirba, os htirg dna eftl eey cta'n otncticsr to tilhg.

icedcoffeeislyfe  APD--> swinging flashlight test, light in the AFFECTED eye will result in dilation of both pupils inappropriately +1
cbay0509  thank you +

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