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Welcome to airhead5’s page.
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 +1  (nbme22#15)
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liverdietrying  There is not enough information in the question stem to determine what kind of cancer it is. You would need a biopsy and histology information to determine that. However, this is definitely not DCIS since there *is* a mass. DCIS usually just shows up as small microcalcifications on XR (I’d google an image so you can see it). All the words they use here describe an invasive cancerous scary mass -- what kind of cancer can’t be known until they biopsy it! +2

 +1  (nbme22#4)
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seoD anoeny kwno eth eassedi yeth aer gktlani uot?ba I aws tiknginh lsupu hicwh samke nssee with teh srn,eaw tbu i atnc’ nifd iyagnnht no tianorer abcrmeh of eye nad oorhdic lsuepx.

liverdietrying  It's lupus, all the symptoms listed are classic especially the serositis. Anterior chamber of the eye = uveitis. Choroid plexus = cerebritis. For a great overview, check out this (free) video: +5
in_a_pass_life  I think this was reactive arthritis, not lupus. Choroid plexus not just in the brain, also in eye (can’t see, can’t pee, can’t climb a tree). Mechanism of reactive arthritis is immune complex deposition, per UWorld, which was correct answer. +5
trichotillomaniac  The inside of the eye is divided into two chambers: the anterior chamber and the posterior chamber. Both chambers contain fluid, and when there’s inflammation in the eye, a specialist can often see inflammatory cells in the fluid. +
trichotillomaniac  I agree that this is Lupus after doing some more research! +1
nwinkelmann  I find this article describing the SLE ocular manifestations, including uveitis and cerebritis. Also this talks about the lupus cerebritis (choroid plexus inflammation): +
medulla  every time I read about Lupus there is something new!! +1
aakb  woman of child bearing age + serositis + arthralgias/arthritis >=2 +
aakb  kidney issues (main cause of death in sle) +

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